Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Location: 1525 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209       Census Tract 168

Current Pastor: Reverend Richard A. Stenhouse

Description of area:

The church is in the Cold Springs neighborhood in Buffalo has a population of 2,540. The average median family income for this area is between $25,000 and $30,000. The building is located near Main Street, the dividing line between Buffalo’s East Side and West Side. The Church shares the street with Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts. The neighborhood itself is mixed use. There are many auto shops and garage/storage shops to the North and West of the Church.  Besides these shops the makeup of the rest of the neighborhood is primarily residential. There isn’t much foot traffic in the area, but many parking lots for cars and vehicles.

About the church:

  • Organized in 1831
  • Oldest congregation of African descent in the city of Buffalo, NY and in western New York
  • Active in anti-slavery movement and underground rail road
  • Church was important institution for migrants from the south during the great migration
  • In 1953 moved to current location at 1525 Michigan Street within the cold springs neighborhood of buffalo