Kathryn Whalen

Kathryn Whalen

Project Manager, East Side History Project

B.A. from University at Buffalo

M.A. from University at Buffalo

ABD at University at Buffalo

Department: Anthropology


Kathryn Whalen is a graduate student in the Anthropology Department at the University at Buffalo.  She was hired at the CENTER through an Institute for Library and Museum Services grant to oversee the initiation of the Perry Choice Neighborhood History Project (PCNHP).  The PCNHP is a multidisciplinary and multi-institution endeavor to raise awareness of what life was like in the Perry Neighborhood in the past, and to educate residents, students, and the city at large of the historical significance of the area.  The PCNHP has a collection of historical documents that are being arranged, catalogued, and digitized.  These historical items include photographs, maps, reports, contracts, and census data gathered for the purposes of establishing the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority.  The PCNHP also collects oral histories, and personal memorabilia from current residents to augment the historical collection, as well as conducting outreach programs and educational events for residents and students at UB.