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The Perry Choice Neighborhood – Neighborhood Based Supportive Service Network

This report described the Perry Choice Neighborhood Supportive Service Network. The proposed PCN Supportive Services Network will provide high quality case management and service coordination for residents through a partnership with the UB School of Social Work and the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority to ensure that the challenges facing residents wellbeing are met holistically and that residents receive the technical support they need to connect to appropriate services.

Perry Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan

The Perry Choice Neighborhood Planning grant (PCN) produced a plan that transforms the BMHAPCN into a viable and sustainable mixed-income neighborhood that functions as a platform which enables residents to become economically secure and self-sufficient, to realize their full potential and to develop the critical consciousness and capacity that empowers them to guide the development of the community over time. To realize this outcome in practice, the Perry Choice Neighborhood planning initiative is informed by three core goals, which are viewed through the lens of neighborhood, housing, and people that inform all aspects of the planning process.