The Impact of Police Consolidation on the Masten District: A Briefing Paper prepared for Masten District Council member Byron Brown (1996)

This plan led directly to the construction of the District C police station on Fillmore Avenue in Buffalo.  The study analyzed the impact of a proposed consolidation plan for the Buffalo Police Department in the Martin Luther King Park neighborhood. The study found that police stations are being moved out of violent crime areas and replaced with district stations in low crime areas and areas with less violent crime and in area with large white populations. The prevalence of violent crime is ignored in the determination of new district stations and the location of the stations was driven by opportunity rather than need. The study made the case for the need of a Masten District Station due to its high rates of violent crime and the need for a symbolic police presence in this developing area.  The result was the construction of the “C” Station on Fillmore Avenue.