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Neighborhoods Matter: The Role of Universities in the School Reform Neighborhood Development Movement

By focusing on a federal Choice neighborhood initiative, this study will not only make the case for connecting school reform and neighborhood development but also present a model that demonstrates how this can happen. The study will also make a stronger case for the university’s unique role in fostering neo-collaborative structures fit to take on wicked problems of neighborhood distress and urban decline.

The Fillmore Avenue Commercial Redevelopment Plan

This report provides a strategy for the commercial redevelopment of the Fillmore Avenue commercial corridor in Buffalo, New York. As the gateway to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, and the spine that holds the two western and eastern sections of the neighborhood, the redevelopment if the Fillmore Avenue commercial corridor is central to the redevelopment of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Neighborhood.

The Bailey Avenue Project

As part of the University Community Initiative, the Bailey Avenue Project was an undertaking by the UB Center for Urban Studies at the request of University District Council member Kevin Helfer to identify the realities and perceptions of the Bailey Avenue business community.