First Shiloh Baptist Church

First Shiloh Baptist Church

Location: 15 Pine St, Buffalo, NY 14204

Current Pastor: Pastor Jonathan R Staples

Description of area:

This Church is within census block 164 between the Willert Park and Perry Neighborhood. The church is in the historic fifth ward of Buffalo. However, the building itself is a relatively new construction completed in 1966.  The church is located near several other Baptist churches such as Friendship Baptist Church and First Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. There are not many businesses in the area but a few deli’s and small shops. The neighborhood is not very dense despite being located near downtown Buffalo. There are many single-family homes and multifamily homes in the area. The medium income for this neighborhood is $25,000, which is below the average for Buffalo which is $34,000.

About the church:

  • The church was established in 5th ward in 1916.
  • Created First Shiloh Housing Development Corporation
  • In 1998, the First Shiloh Christian High School opened as the first Afro-Centric Comprehensive Christian High School in the Buffalo, New York area