Robert Silverman

Robert Silverman

Professor, UB Department of Urban and Regional Planning

329 Hayes Hall
Buffalo, NY 14214


Rob Silverman is the Senior Research Associate in the Center for Urban Studies, a Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and the Director of the Urban and Regional Planning PhD Program at the University at Buffalo. His research and teaching focus on fair and affordable housing, education reform, community development, and urban social institutions. He has published a number of journal articles, books, book chapters, and edited volumes on these topics.


Dr. Silverman’s research focuses on the non-profit sector, the role of community-based organizations in urban neighborhoods, education reform, shrinking cities, and inequality in inner city housing markets. His current research projects include studies of non-profit organizations, anchor institutions, inner-city schools, and fair housing.


B.S. (political science), Arizona State University
M.P.A. (public administration), Arizona State University
Ph.D. (urban studies), University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


Dr. Silverman’s primary teaching interests are in the area of community development. In the past, he has taught courses in: community development planning, public finance, economic development, citizen participation, non-profit management, and housing policy. In addition to teaching in these areas, he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses focusing on both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Public Service

Dr. Silverman is a member of the governing board of the Urban Affairs Association (UAA). He is also co-chair of the 2014 conference program committee for the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP). In addition to these activities, he has served on committees for the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA), the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), the Community Development Society (CDS), and other professional organizations. He is on the editorial boards of the journals Critical Sociology and Community Development. He has been a manuscript referee for the British Journal of Sociology, Housing Policy Debate, Journal of the American Planning Association, Journal of Urban Affairs, Sage Publications, Rowman and Littlefield, and other publications. Dr. Silverman has also served on the University at Buffalo Social and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board (SBSIRB), been an academic delegate for the University at Buffalo Chapter of the United University Professions (UUP), and provided professional and community service in a number of other capacities.

Selected Publications

  • Silverman, Robert Mark. (2014) “Urban, Suburban and Rural Contexts of School Districts and Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies: Rediscovering Equity in Education Policy and Urban Planning.” Leadership and Policy in Schools.
  • Silverman, Robert Mark, Lewis, Jade and Patterson, Kelly L. (2014). “William Worthy’s Concept of ‘Institutional Rape’ Revisited: Anchor Institutions and Residential Displacement in Buffalo, NY.” Humanity & Society.
  • Schools and Urban Revitalization: Rethinking Institutions and Community Development. New York: Routledge, 2013. (with Kelly Patterson)
  • “Chasing a Paper Tiger: Evaluating Buffalo’s Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice,”Current Urban Studies, 1(3), 2013. (with Kelly Patterson and Jade Lewis).
  • “Dawn of the Dead City: An Exploratory Analysis of Vacant Addresses in Buffalo, NY 2008-2010,”Journal of Urban Affairs, 35(2) 131-152, 2013. (with  Li Yin and Kelly Patterson).
  • “Making Waves or Treading Water?: An Analysis of Charter Schools in New York State.”Urban Education, 48(2): 257-288, 2013.
  • “The Nonprofitization of Public Education: Implications of Requiring Charter Schools to be Nonprofits in New York,”Nonprofit Policy Forum, 3(1), 2012.
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Selected Activites, Honors, and Awards

Moderator for the Cyberhood (; Emerald Literati Network Commended Article Award, 2012; Scott Greer Award for Postgraduate Achievement in the Study of Urban Social Institutions, 2009; Community Development Society Outstanding Program Award, 2008 (with Frida Ferrer, Jacqueline Hall, Jeff Kujawa, Kelly Patterson, and Henry Taylor; Outstanding Graduate, 1992, Arizona State University, College of Public Programs.