Main Street Revitalization Plan for the Village of Depew (2005)

This was the UB Center’s first project is a white working class neighborhood. Its goal was to formulate a five year plan for infrastructure and other improvements within the Main-Penora neighborhood. The response was driven from the projected population growth of the area as well as the designation of the project area as “Blighted/Slum” by the Village Board. The plan focused on identifying key improvements for the Main Street area with a goal of proposing strategies where redevelopment could be coordinated. Redevelopment efforts were framed around the theme of working-class history of the community and the target areas proximity to the former Dresser Steel industrial site, located adjacent to the Main-Penora residential community. The plan outlined specific recommendations for the residential and commercial revitalization along Main Street, including neighborhood infrastructure, business and industrial development, and public health and safety.  The result of this comprehensive revitalization plan included recommendations for the redevelopment of the Dresser industrial site, including building an access road through the site to connect the neighborhood with Transit Road and key neighborhood improvements to celebrate the community’s working class heritage.