Academic Program

Academic Program

The Neighborhood Development Internship Program

Students may enroll in the Neighborhood Development Internship Program for academic credit or on a non-credit basis, to participate in service learning activities that will augment their educational experience. Students enrolling in this program on a non-credit basis must sign a contract, pledging to participate in all aspects of the program. Upon completion of the course, these students will receive a certificate, confirming that they have completed course requirements. Each year, a select number of graduate students participating in the Internship Program will be granted fellowships, which are awarded on a competitive basis.

Graduate Students: URP 545 Internship

3 credit Hours (Minimum of 120 total work hours or 12 hours per week)

For Undergraduate Students: END 496 Environmental Design Internship

2 or 3 Credit Hours (Minimum of 120 total work hours or 12 hours per week)

For more information, to inquire about specific opportunities, or for how to enroll, please contact our Assistant Director, Jeffrey Kujawa at 716-829-5877.