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The UB Center for Urban Studies believes that both theory and practice are interactive elements of the quest to develop a knowledge base capable of solving the problems of neighborhood distress and urban sprawl. In the world of planning, experience is just as important as knowledge. The CENTER believes that it is critical for the next generation of planners to link lessons learned in the classroom with real life challenges. Towards this end, the CENTER has created several opportunities in which students work in the field on real world planning projects. For Undergraduate and Graduate Students, The Neighborhood Development Internship Program has been created to help create a link between classroom and the field work. A select number of graduate students participating in the Service Learning Program will be granted fellowships, which will be awarded on a competitive basis. Additional opportunities are available for select students who demonstrate specialized skills and abilities. These opportunities for Graduate and Professional Students include and hourly salary and tuition assistantships.

What can we do for you?

Students that are part of the CENTER team get priority placements on neighborhood and community development projects throughout the region. Students have tremendous opportunities to work with and network with the “who’s who” in community and neighborhood development, economic and real estate development, and public officials from the City of Buffalo, the Buffalo Niagara Region and New York State.  Students also have a great opportunity to fine tune their skills working under the direction of Professor Dr. Henry Taylor, the CENTER’s director. Professor Taylor and the staff at the CENTER work one-on-one with students and guide their professional development.


Financial Packages

For qualified students, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning can create an attractive financial aid package. This may include graduate or teaching assistantships, research assistantships, full or partial tuition scholarships, or for exceptionally qualified candidates, a combinations of these.


Research Assistantships

Assistantships through the Center for Urban Studies are dependent on experience, level of educational attainment and other factors. For more information or to inquire about opportunities for Assistantships, please contact our Assistant Director, Jeffrey Kujawa at or (716)829-5911.