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The Fillmore Avenue Commercial Redevelopment Plan

This report provides a strategy for the commercial redevelopment of the Fillmore Avenue commercial corridor in Buffalo, New York. As the gateway to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, and the spine that holds the two western and eastern sections of the neighborhood, the redevelopment if the Fillmore Avenue commercial corridor is central to the redevelopment of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Neighborhood.

Is There a Suburban Market for Housing in Buffalo, New York?

The purpose of this study is to determine if there is a suburban market for housing in buffalo; and , if such a market exists, what can the city do to capture a greater share. The ultimate goal of the study is to outline an intervention strategy that will enable the city to increase its share of the regions’s middle income housing market.

Establishment of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Section 3 Business Development and Employee Training Center: A Concept Paper

This concept paper outlines a strategy to use the HUD Section 3 Act to “capture” business development and employment opportunities to empower and produce economic self-sufficiency among public housing residents and other very low- and very-low income groups and to use these resources to transform their neighborhoods into great places to live, work and raise a family.